Latest committee meeting minutes (not yet signed off)

Minutes of a Meeting of the Committee of Kibworth & District U3A

on 10th September 2019

Present:, Michael Rodber, David Porter, David Holtum, Steve Bowyer, Cathy Bowyer, Linda Chambers, Ann Robinson



Apologies for absence: John Freeland, Hazel Taylor


August Minutes/Matters Arising:

Actions completed or added to September Actions.


Review of August Meeting & Arrangements for September Meeting:

Michael suggested removal of these agenda items in future as these subjects to be covered in Steve’s Committee Member’s Report - committee approved.


HSBC Mandate Status: item closed.


Group Leaders’ Handbook Status: to be reviewed with reference to use of Beacon for membership data and potential use of Beacon by group leaders prior to issue of handbook to group leaders.

Ann, Michael, Beacon Team -review GLH

Leics & Rutland Regional Update: Next Network meeting is on Friday 1st November @ The Sports Pavilion, Gynsill Lane, Glenfield LE7 7AG at 10 am.


National AGM: John attended, report at October meeting.

John - AGM report

Committee Members’ Reports:

Ann: Ice Cards available to purchase £5 for 250 cards from U3A Trust, we should offer to members and advise them to carry them in case of incident/emergency.

Terms of Membership document to accompany membership renewal and membership forms – draft document previously sent to committee approved and adopted for use.

Privacy and Data Protection Policies updated using latest recommended text from U3A Trust and referencing Beacon – committee approved adopted for use with annual review. Final versions to be sent to Michael for inclusion on our website.







Ann – policies to Michael for website

David H:

Prepared 2019-20 Budget (copy on file) suggests current membership fees may not cover expenses for the year. Asked committee to formally agree membership fees £10 Individual and £7.50 Associate stay same and any shortfall covered by BMM A/c. – motion carried.

Treasurer’s Statement August 2019 (copy on file) – current balance £946, BMM £11,787.

K&D U3A Finance Policy proposed; template policy from U3A Trust – for discussion at committee meetings or by a sub-committee – committee agreed.

Associate Members – checks should be made to confirm U3A Trust membership fee is paid, no payment no insurance cover.


David P:

No members wanting to start a new group. We need new groups to move U3A forward. David P asked if would coordinate this but will retire from committee in December. David H – suggestion box at monthly meeting. Contact Group Leaders for their waiting lists; item in October newsletter re waiting lists. Michael – survey of members likes/dislikes– after Beacon.



Michael – waiting lists item October newsletter

On behalf of Hazel:

330 members, 51 Associate = 15%, 312 with email = 95%.

Congratulated for doing a great job.



Couldn’t find next month’s speaker on our website.

£75 tea money surplus usually sent to charity; should be paid into U3A bank account in future.


Michael – speaker notice on website


Proposed committee invite Stephen Poyzer to re-join committee – agreed.

Proposed excellent website built by William Wong of The Digital Form, cost £520 + VAT, (reduced rate) and maintained by Michael; £10-15+VAT monthly fee. Michael has drafted content document, would be started middle of October – purchase approved by committee.

Domain would be taken over into new website. Need someone to shadow Michael and policy to be written.

Generic U3A email addresses to be sorted so two-way; can be available for group leaders too.

Omniprint to be asked to post invoice to David H (newsletters print costs £30-£50).

Stephen Poyzer pays Apple for iCloud storage for MacBook Michael now uses – payment to be sorted.

VASL Presentation given to ca. 30 carers and cared for re membership of U3A. UPDATE – member bringing carer/companion to U3A activities is permissible under current U3A insurance cover.

Group Leaders’ Handbook – check information re carers/companions is covered.

Minutes – request Actions more visible

Singing for Pleasure group request advert in our newsletter – as former U3A group but with paid tutor committee agreed to allow.

Future Lives Project – U3A Trust funded workshop in Birmingham 9-10 Oct, Michael to attend.


John to action















Ann – carers in GLH

Ann –redesign minutes


U3A conference: attended 3 workshops, lots of vibrant groups and challenging activities – something to pursue.

Latest Speaker Schedule sent to committee prior to meeting.

August Review: speakers were late, not apologetic but successful entertaining afternoon.

September Social: Story of Wicksteed Park; requires screen, laptop, table, £40 fee no travel expenses – John will meet & greet & pay Ian Addis (Ann has cheque book).

December Social: researched entertainers but no luck; provisionally booked Janet & Harry Wroe – entertainment with songs, humour etc., not festive. Mince pies, mulled wine, teas/coffees. Suggested crackers, party hats, festive dress e.g. Xmas jumpers, earrings, prize for best dressed; ask Ron Spinks to be Santa, longer Christmas quiz.

Alternative entertainment = Festive Games Afternoon possibly organised by Cathy – preferred option.

Wednesday June 3rd 2020: U3A Trust want every U3A to organise an event (part of National Volunteers Week). Open Day on 3rd and speaker at Social on 16th or just one event – to be discussed at October meeting.

Michael Wood: Still no reply, try once more.

















John – 3.6.20 Oct Agenda

Beacon Status:

Ann confirmed U3A insurance covers members during renewal grace period (checked with U3A Trust office).

Renewal Trial: email to committee 23.9.19, please read, check personal data, print, sign to confirm correct or make amendments, return to Hazel with cheque payment next day preferably. There will be a deliberate error email address leading to rejection. Hazel will issue renewal thanks replies.

Renewal Emails/Letters to members: by 4.10.19 asking members to check data, print, sign to confirm, attach to payment cheque/cash return at Oct, Nov or Dec social meetings or direct to Hazel or to group leader. Renewal thanks reply emails or letters will be issued. Non- renewals sensitively chased up in Nov and Dec. Non-payment by end of January - notified lapsed membership. Standard emails/letters for each stage ready on Beacon.

Member Allocation to Groups: next year. Leaders able to see non renewals.

Online applications and renewals and financial applications for future use.

New version to be written& released 2020; slow transfer from old to new versions

September newsletter to be issued via Beacon email.


Date and venue of next meeting:

Tuesday 8th October 4pm at 7 Beaker Close, Smeeton Westerby, LE8 0RT


Signed as true record: ___________________________________  Date: _______________

Michael Rodber Vice- Chairman