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Walking Group  

For any information, membership queries or to join us

 Please contact

 Group Leaders Malcolm and Celia Lever-Jones   0116 279 2714

 or on the above group email

This group has about 65 active members. Often, more than 30 members are present on our walks. This number increases in good weather. 

We have a committee of 8 who ensure the smooth running of the group. Group Leaders are voted in by-annually and usually have a 2 year tenure; 3 is the maximum to ensure fresh ideas in the group. 

We listen to the group members and try to implement what they would like!

Membership Secretary: Sue Dargie 

New members pay a one off joining fee of £3 to Sue, to help cover group expenses. This money is kept as a group fund for incidental expenses incurred on behalf of the group. Walkers must be current members of the K & D U3A to join.

This K&D group is still happy to take new members  Email:

A 12 month rolling programme of walks is updated fortnightly on the website:       

The walk schedule 2019

Our walk schedule is:-

1st Friday of the month:  A short walk of 3 – 4.5 miles (no link with new walks!)

                                        If unsure what is possible go to this link Short Walk Ideas.

                               Also: An extra-long walk (10+ miles)or all day walk for the summer.

3rd Friday of the month:   A longer walk of  (at least5 and perhaps up to 7 miles 

                             Also:  A short walk of 3 – 4 miles with as few obstacles (eg stiles), as possible might be available.

5th Friday of the month:   A ‘further afield’ walk of 5 – 7 miles.(eg; Pitsford Reservoir, Cold Ashby, Bradgate Park ).

Generally, we meet at 10am on all walks for a 10.30 start. We usually take a pub lunch between 12:30 & 13:45. 

Emails are sent to all walking group members at least a week in advance with full details of the forthcoming walk/s and lunch arrangements                         

Boots or walking shoes are required. Please bring a change of footwear if taking lunch in a pub. Walking poles can be useful.

Drinking water is advisable – a must in hot weather

Jeans and trainers are not suitable for countryside walking.

Adequate wet-weather clothing should be worn when appropriate.

All members must be aware that they walk at their own risk.

The person responsible for their safety and happiness on a walk is the individual. Walks organised by the U3A groups have only Public Liability Insurance, provided the walkers are U3A members. However, this is not a personal accident insurance policy. 

Walk Leaders are U3A members and spend time and effort to prepare our walks fully. We welcome new leaders and training is available if needed. 

  • They give advice of hazards to be faced on their walks and instructions for start time and place, parking and lunch arrangements.  They may advise that the number of people who can be accommodated on their walk and /or at the lunch venue is restricted. 
  • They accept no responsibility for members’ property, injuries, health or safety. 
  • Walk leaders are not authorised to collect money for their walks.  
  • Walkers should have their own First Aid Kit or arrange to share. If you take medication, bring it with you.
  • Leaders have discretion to:- 

* Start their walk on time without waiting for members to turn up;

*  Cancel or modify their walk (e.g. owing to extreme weather or unexpected  hazard);

*  Exclude those with inadequate clothing or footwear, children or dogs; 

* Advise those who have not pre booked walk and/or lunch that they may not be guaranteed a place. Should there be spare places, they are welcome to join us.

Our walkers are encouraged to: 

  • Inform the walk leader of their intention to walk AND/OR lunch at least two days beforehand (walkers are always given priority for lunch places).If walk is full and you have NOT informed the walk leader, you may be turned away from the walk. 
  • Check in with walk leader on arrival at venue and be ready to start on time.
  • Comply with all instructions and requests of the walk leader; 
  • Keep behind the walk leader and in front of the back marker during the walk and comply with the Countryside Code        

Carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card.

  • Download free from:    
  • See Health and Safety section for more information.

Our Walk Schedule is available on the K & D website and Newsletter. Updates are sent to all group members by e-mail. In the past, members have enjoyed ‘Away Breaks’ of 3 to 4 days in various parts of the country.

Walkers’ Information

* If you have one, a Hi Viz jacket, waistcoat or back pack should be worn/carried and used if crossing or walking on a road is included in the walk.

* Emails and mobile phone numbers are used to contact group members. Please ensure your details are up to date.

* Emails are sent out with details of planned walks. These emails give information gained on the recce by walk leader. 

* Emails can be sent out altering any details of planned walk/s owing to unforeseen circumstances. This will be no later than 4pm on the Thursday; later than this, a text message would be sent out.

 On the morning of a walk a text alert could be sent out alerting walkers to extreme weather, altering the  walk venue or even having to cancel  a walk (so far this has not happened).

* All walking group members are encouraged to lead walks, or be back markers, as part of their group membership. If all members do this, your contribution to the group is one walk a year. Thank you in advance.

Health and Safety

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Cards are an information card with: Name; Sex; Own Contact Details; Blood Group; Primary Contact, Relation & Phone; Secondary Contact, Relation & Phone; Health Information; and a Yes or No answer to’ I wish to donate my organs and tissues after death’.  To obtain your free card, download from:-   

ICE cards are recommended to be carried in a wallet or purse at all times. The website does NOT collect your data or share with any third party. This information can be stored under ICE on a mobile phone, as long as it’s unlocked!   

Carry a basic medical pack with you and any medication you might need on the day.

On longer walks (5+ miles) carry blister plasters, a drink & snack etc.

Walk Leaders’ Information

Send your walk details to the Group Leaders email address approx. 14 days before walk for them to forward to members. Advise members that if a single venue is planned for both walks (eg. on the 3rd Friday), send replies to:    

If short & long walks are from different venues, request members to send replies to the walk leader.

Walk details to include: start time; finish time, lunch time; pre booking of food(if required); venue & capacity; parking; description of walk & length, number of stiles and obstacles, roads to cross/walk on etc; any other hazards or useful information.

Walkers that do not pre book for lunch can join us if venue has spare capacity.

Members not walking that day may join us for lunch if the venue has spare capacity and they have pre-booked a lunch place.

Please carry a mobile for emergency use. Have an OS map of area on you; these can be borrowed from Sue Dargie.

In case of incident: Ask back marker to move group away from casualty or any danger. Assess the casualty with the help of trained first aider in the group, if available.


If serious call 999 or 112. 

Emergency services might ask you to stay on the phone (Mobile phones are used to guide emergency services to you)

Give, if known, post code or OS map reference if possible. Send some members to nearest road to guide in emergency services to incident. 

A Space Emergency Blanket to keep the casualty warm is carried on the walk by committee members for the group’s use.

Walk leaders accept no responsibility for members’ property, injuries, health or safety. This is a walker’s individual responsibility as an adult.

Links For Walk Leaders

 : Walking Members Record List.

 After walk forward to:  and

 : Walkers Lunch List

After the walk, please send a walk report to Sue for inclusion in the Newsletter:

Links for Finding Walks

Routes and walk maps that are free to download and print:  

  Includes parks, village and countryside walks

Part of John Harris’s ‘Walking England’( Leicestershire & Northamptonshire walks are included ) 

Walks by AA, other walking groups, councils, villages  and others are available.

Current Walk programme 2019 is here [The walk schedule 2019]

Our walk schedule is subject to walk leaders volunteering!

A 12 month rolling programme of walks is updated fortnightly on the website:      

The Walk Schedule 2019