Walking Group (The full story)

This Group has about 50+ active members.  Often, more than twenty members are present on our walks.  We walk on the mornings of the first, third and fifth Friday each month, the first being generally shorter (3-4 miles), the third longer (5-6 miles) and, on the fifth Friday of a month we may walk further afield.  

  • Usually we start walking at 10:30 a.m. and take a pub lunch between 12:30 & 13:45.
  • Boots or stout shoes are required.  Some members use walking poles. Drinking water is advisable, particularly in hot weather.  Adequate wet-weather clothing should be worn when appropriate.  Jeans are not suitable for rambling. 

Walk Leaders are U3A members and spend time and effort to prepare our walks fully.  

  • They give advice of hazards to be faced on their walks and instructions for start time and place, parking and lunch arrangements.  They may advise that the number of people who can be accommodated on their walk and / or at the lunch venue is restricted. 
  • They accept no responsibility for members' property, injuries, health or safety. Walkers should have their own First Aid Kit or arrange to share.
  • They have absolute discretion to:- 
    • start their walk on time without waiting for members to turn up;
    • cancel, abandon or modify their walk (e.g. less than 5 or more than 25 walkers, extreme weather or unexpected hazard);
    • exclude those with inadequate clothing or footwear, children or dogs; 
    • exclude from the lunching group any person who had not previously indicated to the leader that they wished to take lunch with the group.

Our walkers are expected to 

  • inform the walk leader of their intention to walk AND/OR lunch two days beforehand; 
  • comply with all instructions and requests of the walk leader; 
  • keep within sight of the walk leader during the walk; and 
  • comply with the Countryside Code.

Walk leaders are not authorised to collect money for their walks.  

There is a nominal subscription charge for Walking Group members after two walks and this money is kept as a Group fund from which walk leaders may claim a contribution to fuel costs in respect of abnormal recces or other expense incurred on behalf of the Group. 

Our Walk Schedule is available in K&D U3A Newsletter and by e-mail.

Maps, GPS and guides are available for walk leaders. 

Please remember to send Sue Dargie a short report about your walk for inclusion in the U3A monthly Newsletter.  suedargie@gmail.com