“No longer in full-time work and finished raising a family? Join our vibrant, go-to social hub for fulfilment and challenges through self-help and life long learning, whilst making friends and having fun."

John Freeland, Chairman

Our Third Tuesday Socials are now physically held again in the Grammar School Hall.

Check Interest Groups for latest on our Groups' activities.


Stay fit, keep your mind sharp, express your creativity and socialise by joining one or more of our self-help, self learning interest groups.


Every third Tuesday in the month we hold a Tuesday Social where we usually have a guest speaker, accompanied by refreshments and a quiz. It's a great chance to catch up with one another.


Special events include CPR training and features about current affairs.

And of course we have a Christmas party with entertainment.


We are still operating through this difficult period, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Third Tuesday Socials have been held over Zoom, but we have opened them up again since August 2021. Some of our groups continue to "get together" in a variety of virtual ways but many are now meeting physically again.

Check Interest Groups for updates.

Contact: groups.kibworthu3a@gmail.com for more information